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of grenadiers or light infantry) within infantry battalions, are now a distinguishing feature worn by musicians of non-mounted regiments and corps in ceremonial forms of dress. The use of (dark) blue by the Royal Artillery dates back to the first half of the 18th century, and the same colour is used by several cavalry regiments and a number of support corps; rifle regiments, on the other hand, wear dark green.

Most other regiments maintain full dress for limited special categories: these include drummers (line infantry), buglers (rifles), trumpeters (cavalry), pipers (Scottish and Irish units) and in some cases guards of honour; however, all of these uniforms must be purchased and maintained from non-public funds.

The elegant and extroverted Papillon could not have a more fitting name.

The name “Papillon,” French for butterfly, is actually a reference to the breed’s distinctive widespread, wing-like ears, but it could equally well refer to the breed’s gregarious personality.

Similar braided coats are worn on occasion by directors of music and bandmasters of bands affiliated to line cavalry regiments (in other bands they wear a plainer double-breasted frock coat (similar to that of senior officers but without the velvet) in dark blue (or green, in the case of the Rifles).

Several orders of dress are only issued to officers (and SNCOs in some cases); others are only issued to personnel serving in particular climates or specific roles.

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Dating from the 1830s or earlier, this item of uniform is a knee-length, dark blue, double-breasted coat with velvet collar and cuffs; it is usually worn with the peaked cap, but on occasion it is worn with the British Army cocked hat by certain office-holders.